Crypto ain’t the only thing
$KEKE makes go up!

Crypto ain’t the only thing $KEKE makes go up!

Who tf is Freaky KEKE?!

Meet Freaky KEKE, a woman who didn’t choose this street life; it chose her. Her journey began with big dreams and love for a man (who will remain nameless) swept away by the success of his crypto project, leaving her alone and pregnant.

Now, she’s down real bad, tossed to the streets, dancing for change, and selling herself short to the game. This story is more than a narrative; it’s a call to action. KEKE needs us to help lift her from this mess to a place where dreams are possible again. Let’s get her off the streets and take her to the moon!

Why Save Keke?

KEKE needs our help getting off the streets! The mission? It’s about taking KEKE from struggle to success, with each of us playing a part.

Saving $KEKE is more than just a crypto play; it’s a statement. This is a movement, aiming to lift KEKE from past trials to future victories with the power of community behind her. KEKE isn’t for the streets, she’s for the BLOCKchain.

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How to Get $Keke


Download Metamask (to get $KEKE using ETH) or Phantom (to get $KEKE using SOL) for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you're on a desktop, you can add the Google Chrome extensions by visiting or


You need to have some ETH (Ethereum) in your Metamask wallet or SOL (Solana) in your Phantom wallet to swap for $KEKE. If you don't have any ETH or SOL, you can easily buy some right inside Metamask (ETH) or Phantom (SOL), transfer it from another wallet you own, or buy it on another exchange and then send it to your wallet of choice.


If you are looking to Swap ETH for $KEKE, open a web browser and visit Click on "Launch App" and then connect your wallet. If you want to swap SOL for $KEKE, go to and connect your wallet.


On Uniswap, choose "Swap," enter how much ETH you're trading, and paste $KEKE's contract address to accurately select the right token. Review the exchange rate and fees, then confirm the swap to get your $KEKE. You should be able to follow a similar process on Jupiter, except instead of swapping ETH, you'll be swapping SOL.


Get ready for Freaky KEKE to take over the music game! KEKE’s hit songs are now available on all streaming platforms, featuring collaborations with some of your favorite artists. Make sure to add these tracks to your playlists.

Keke's Story

KEKE, a young frog, with eyes bright for the future, received her first Valentine from her crush, lighting up her world with big dreams and promises.

Keke and her boo turned life into the ultimate love story, like something out of a movie, with him in the director's chair—almost as if he's aiming for an Oscar!

Young lovers, creating their future, every dream detailed in black and white, vow to be each other's backbone.

But life flipped on KEKE quickly, leaving her alone with a new life growing inside her, a clear reminder of broken dreams.

When her world turned cold, KEKE tapped into her freaky side, doing whatever it took to make money. From dancing for coins to life on the streets, she made tough choices to ensure her kid had food and that she survived.

Fast forward... Life got hard real fast for Freaky KEKE. Now surrounded by darkness, this chapter is not her end but a call to action for help. Although she's on the streets, she is not for it.

$KEKE Tokenomics

$KEKE’s journey is a testament to resilience and hope. Born from struggle and survival, this project mirrors KEKE’s own fight, moving from the harsh streets to carving out a space in the crypto world.

With 420 billion tokens, 80% are locked in liquidity to ensure stability, and 20% are set aside for growing the community, rewarding contributions, supplying exchanges as we grow, and boosting our marketing and partnerships. $KEKE stands as a beacon of empowerment. This is more than just a meme coin; it’s a call to action, a support system for those who have faced life’s toughest battles.

As the contract is renounced and set in stone, $KEKE promises transparency and trust, inviting everyone to be part of a journey from darkness to victory.


Freaky KEKE is a community-driven experimental project that’s building an innovative Creator Economy using Artificial Intelligence for creating Intellectual Property (i.e: Music, Games, Comic Books, Short Films, Animated Series, Experiences and other forms of Community Artistic Expression).

Freaky KEKE aims to facilitate a creator economy through innovative technology like artificial intelligence. In addition, the project is building toward including NFT marketplace integration, creative collaboration network, content creation tools, access to virtual events and experiences, intellectual property licensing platform, content curation, discovery and new types of utility in Web3.

The Freaky KEKE project began on Friday, March 29th 2024 (Good Friday) with 420 billion tokens as a fair launch. The project is built on principles of decentralization, community engagement, and transparency, no pre-mine or ICO, long-term sustainability, and is focused on use case.

Freaky KEKE began on Ethereum and Solana blockchains, a first of its kind with plans to build Freaky KEKE into a multi-chain project. The Smart Contract used for Freaky KEKE was created using an audited smart contracts. Token permissions have been renounced to ensure community autonomy and can be verified via thirdweb. Feel free to look at the Security Audit Smart Contract report here.

The LP Tokens for Ethereum and Solana were burned on Monday, April 8th 2024 (The Solar Eclipse) and all future chains and LP tokens will be burned to ensure the project remains secure (rug-proof) for the community and participants.

According to TokenSniffer, Freaky KEKE currently has a trust score of 100/100. On Solsniffer, Freaky KEKE currently has a trust score of 87/100.

NOTE: Added LPs will improve the score.

Yes, they were Airdrops on Friday, March 29th 2024 from the snapshot of the community which was required to hold a Lil Hippo NFT.

Yes, the Freaky Keke project has a Multi-Sig Wallet with multiple signers on both Ethereum and Solana.

Yes, community members have a voice in project decisions, development, and direction. The project keeps a journal and maintains detailed records of governance decisions, token utility enhancements, and community feedback to demonstrate the project’s commitment to decentralization and community involvement.

The Freaky KEKE project shares updates through various communication channels across many social media and communication platforms, including Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

NO! Freaky KEKE is NOT intended as an investment opportunity or a security. Freaky KEKE focuses on achieving its goals and fulfilling its mission to its community.

Freaky KEKE Legal Disclaimer: Freaky KEKE (“the Project”) is not intended as, and should not be considered, an investment opportunity or a security. The Project is a community-driven experimental initiative focused on fostering a creator economy through innovative technology. Participation in the Project does not guarantee any financial returns or profits. The Project team does not make any representations or warranties regarding the potential for financial gain or investment value associated with the Project or its associated tokens.

Investors and participants in the Project should understand that their involvement is based on the objectives, mission, and value proposition of the Project, and not on speculative investment potential. The Project team encourages individuals to participate in the Project based on their interest in contributing to the community and supporting its goals, rather than expecting financial returns.

The Project team does not provide any financial, legal, or investment advice. Participants should conduct their own research and due diligence before engaging with the Project. The Project team disclaims any liability for financial losses, damages, or other consequences arising from participation in the Project.

By participating in the Project, individuals acknowledge and agree to the terms of this disclaimer and understand that their involvement is at their own risk.